What the INFJ Journey is All About!

Infjjourney - AKJ Petit Palais 2015

Ariane Kveld Jaks © Ariane Kveld Jaks

Hello, dear INFJ.

I’m Ariane Kveld Jaks, creator of the INFJ Journey. As INFJs, not only are we unique, but we also crave unique content. Unique solutions. As a matter of fact, you are the very reason I created the INFJ Journey. 

With you in mind, I designed this website to help you on your INFJ journey.

As INFJs, we face particular challenges. For us, it is rather difficult to find our people. Our tribe will always be discreet, secretive, elusive even. Much like our home. You know, our true home!

We are maze-like people. There are not so many online platforms where we can congregate, make our stories heard, and share our vision. I believe, the biggest challenge INFJs are facing on a daily basis, is relevance. 

What is relevant to us, is usually not relevant to the rest of the world.

“It Is Not Who We Are That Holds Us Back. It Is Who We Think We Are Not” | Micheal Nolan

“The Only Impossible Journey Is the One You Never Begin” | Tony Robbins

How can we – as INFJs – weave our story? What tools to tell our journey? What to do with all these images inside our head? The creative voices that keep us company all the time! Who is able to understand the way our mind works? 

The challenges we face, the pain we go through, the many roadblocks we hit – often extremely hard – simply because of what we are.

It takes an INFJ to get an INFJ. I know, it may sound a bit cliché, but it is true. So, how can the INFJ Journey help you? 

If I have done my job correctly, here’s the benefits you can expect from connecting with me:

“Your Voice Is Your Superpower” | Lisa Congdon

My goal with the INFJ Journey is to help you find your unique voice. I am convinced that INFJs have a lot to contribute to the world, thanks to their unique insights and abilities.