“If you want to find your purpose in life, find your wound” | Rick Warren

What can be more elusive and mysterious than the INFJ purpose? And more absurd than to try to find it, as if it was lost to start with? That's why I thought it was about time I devoted a special INFJ Journey podcast episode to this essential topic for INFJs.

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1/ Our true INFJ purpose is about claiming what's ours and getting rid of what's not

2/ Be aware of the moment pain will no longer push you, and vision will pull you!

3/ Mind your INFJ blindspots, especially SIMPLICITY

4/ Be AWARE. Trust your INTUITION. Follow your VISIONS, and repeat!

5/  The Dos and Donts of creating your mysterious INFJ PURPOSE

6/  Are you in QUEST mode?

7/ A whole different SERENDIPITY level…

8/ INFJs do not come back to what once was

9/ PERFECTION, the big RED FLAG that can ruin our INFJ PURPOSE

10/ You want to answer your INFJ CALLING? Climb your walls and do the work!

11/ Quit swimming in the wrong water, dear INFJ NAUTILUS

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