Don’t we all wish we had a special magic wand made just for us to grant us the things we want most in our life?

This special Xmas podcast episode is my gift to you, my fellow INFJs.

I hope that by sharing with you the 5 things that helped me change my INFJ life, it will help you find or create your precious things for yours!

1/ INFJs are definitely UNIQUE, yet they also share some COMMON life experiences (challenges, strengths, weaknesses, epiphanies…)

2/ This episode explores the various moments of my INFJ life when I discovered them and learned how to use them properly

3/ My natural WORLD is made of IMAGES (Vermeer “The Lace Maker”, 1670) more than people

4/ It was up to me and only me to find a way to make sense of that REALITY and use it to my ADVANTAGE because it was my precious INFJ TREASURE TROVE

5/ My first encounter with “The Lace Maker” by Johannes Vermeer (1670) displayed at the Louvre Museum

6/ My strong CONNECTION with IMAGES: their PRESENCE, their MYSTERY, their POWER, and their POTENTIAL

7/ Question of my life: What happens to images when we stop looking at them?

8/ The day I discovered I was an INFJ, I also understood INTUITIVELY that I would always be ALONE (but not lonely) in my life

9/ INFJs seldom feel lonely, because of their sensibility, their IMAGINATION, and their ability to CONNECT to everything and everyone in an almost scary way

10/ STORIES is the name of my INFJ game…

11/ OPEN WINDOWS were my “ticket” to another, to THE other life I could literally SEE, ENVISION while INFJing

12/ OPEN WINDOWS represent OPEN WORLDS, it made me realized I could be FREE in an otherwise unfree world

13/ My 1st “EEE” = Extraordinary Emotional Experience

14/ The beginning of my vocation as an ART WRITER and my passion for 17th Century Dutch painting, especially for Pieter de Hooch

15/ Nature as my most powerful, most direct access to my INFJ sanity

16/ Make time for SHINRIN YOKU = Forest Bathing in Japan (Nature Therapy)


18/ INFJs need to create their PURPOSE by saying “YES” to their CALLING

19/ How to reach for that “Holy Land” is no walk in the park. So, the sooner we start, the better our life would be!

20/ INFJs are only great inasmuch they have a PURPOSE and a CALLING

21/ In order to function properly, a CALLING must be backed up by a strong VISION

22/ What are your INFJ things?

23/ How do you use them?

24/ How these things impacted your life?

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2 comments on “The 5 Things That Changed My INFJ Life #6

  1. Eliot Ferrer says:

    I really liked this episode! I absolutely agree about the power of images and art. I hope your Christmas was good, and look forward to the next episode.

  2. Thank you so much Eliot!

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