“Emotional addiction is the biggest cause of affliction” | Garima Goel

What kind of addict are you? Or perhaps, you're the one someone is addicted to?
Either way, INFJs are prone to addictions. But what kind of addictions are we talking about, exactly?

1/ INFJ… I want what you have access to!

2/ I'm not just the GATEKEEPER of the universe

3/ One sniff at a book's ink and I'm done

4/ Transformation as the foundation of our new INFJ reality

5/ I am addicted to my INFJ TREASURE TROVE. What about you?

6/ We all have two lives…

7/ Who are you feeding and who are you starving?

8/ Be unapologetically practical about your INFJ addictions

9/ Nobody fancies a headless psychic-like weirdo in their life, or do they?

10/ Pain and bruised ego, the deadly cocktail

11/ Why do we linger in our own shadow?

12/ Social media are highly intoxicating and misleading, even for INFJs

13/ Who the hell are you, INFJ?

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