“I don't have a Bucket List, but my Fucket List is a mile long” | Anonymous

Everybody seems to have a Bucket List these days! Do we also have one as INFJs? But more to the point, should we?

1/ What kind of INFJ are you: a Bucket List or a Fucket List kind of guy?

2/ Do we really know what we want (or need) as INFJs?

3/ Expect nothing from the world and EVERYTHING from you

4/ What I focus on today…

5/ It's okay to take longer, dear INFJ

6/ Bucket List or To-Do List, which one is worse?

7/ Try sleeping with a mosquito…

8/ What happens to the things we name?

9/ Behold the Buddhist Bucket List!

10/ Your INFJ VISION is your MASTER KEY to your life path

11/ What dreams are made of?

12/ When we bridge DREAMING and ENVISIONING

13/ We need a plan to achieve our goals

14/ Just start somewhere and beat the ODDS!

15/ If my house was on fire…

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