No One is You and That is Your Power.

 I help Visionary INFJs to turn their unique gifts into reality!


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Want to embark on an INFJ’s Journey? This is our story. Our time. Time to unleash our uniqueness !

The World And I #16 S2

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest” | Pema Chödrön 1/ PARADISE LOST or just life slamming its doors on us? 2/ Do you have a HOME or a HOUSE? 3/  I'm a...

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Hello Metaverse #15 S2

“Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more about human emotions, compassion, values, and elimination of human sufferings” | Amit Ray 1/ The METAVERSE: a new kind of “buzz” for a new kind of universe 2/ The 3 KEY ASPECTS of the METAVERSE 3/ The METAVERSE...

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While We Were Falling #14 S2

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall” | Ray Bradbury What if Icarus hadn't flown too close to the sun? What happens to our souls when we are falling? 1/ INFJs, you are the “Tale Beneath The...

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The Rise of the Audiopreneur #13 S2

“In a world full of audiovisual marvels, may words matter to you and be full of magic” | Peter Godfrey-Smith 1/ The AUDIO WORLD is coming at full throttle, are you ready for this? 2/ Gary Vee, a real gem in an explosive package...

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The Hurricane’s Eye #12 S2

“Think about the eye of the hurricane. No matter how intense the storm or what's swept up in its gale-force winds, that calm, blue center is always there. We all have this quiet center within us” | George Mumford 1/ What we are all...

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Seeds of Greatness #11 S2

“The world sees you for what you are, but the universe sees you for what you can be.  ” | Matshona Dhliwayo How many among us, INFJs of the world, have ever considered greatness could also apply to us? 1/ GREATNESS, the most private...

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I help Visionary INFJs to turn their unique gifts into reality!

You have visions of turning your unique gifts into reality. You want to make your mark on the world. Creating value, crafting, and telling stories that inspire and help others? I’m sure you do. You are an INFJ after all.

Yet, you are probably struggling with this nagging inner voice that tells you  are not good enough. Chances are, you eat the Imposter Syndrome for breakfast. How could you ever bring all the beautiful things – ideas, stories, creative insights, dreams, and visions that you have to the world – while you are still addressing your inner critic on a daily basis?

I know the feeling, believe me. This is why I made it my mission to help you – precious INFJ – to reach your full creative potential on your own terms, at your own pace, and with the proper tools.


As an INFJ, you are used to seeing things differently. Thanks to your exceptional intuition, you make deep and powerful connections with the world and everything in it. Simply put, your gifts must blossom and be shared with others. You are the creative and visionary INFJ. Now, it is time to harness your superpowers and make your difference in our world.

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