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Want to try coaching with someone who understands the particular way your mind is wired? Intuitive Coaching for INFJs might just be for you!

What is Intuitive Coaching for INFJs?

As an INFJ, I’m fairly sure there are times you felt like your mind was playing tricks on you. Maybe, you even doubted your sanity? You tried traditional coaching, but in the end, you felt both confused and misunderstood.


Traditional Coaching is not for us, INFJs. Why? Because it is grounded in rationality, measurable outcomes, and heavily relies on masculine energy. It is more like a grab and go way of achieving results.

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“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.” | Brene Brown

Such an approach might produce good results with most of the personality types out there but is clearly out of touch with INFJs.

Intuitive Coaching, on the other hand, is based on feminine energy. It blossoms through creative listening and inspiration. It is an inward approach to coaching that nurtures self-knowledge and the natural INFJs drive for connections.

INFJs are intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate people who need to pursue a vision rather than a specific goal. They also are strongly independent beings who need to come up with solutions of their own.

My guess is if you’re still reading this page, that’s because you are looking for another kind of coaching. More than results, it is transformation you crave.

What Kind of Coach Am I?

Let’s start with the kind of coach I’m not! The one who talks all the time and revels in his voice. The one with the Expert Syndrome, aka who has an answer for everything. The one who behaves like a teacher or a therapist. The one who tries to sell you something you don’t need to solve a problem you don’t have.


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Ariane Kveld Jaks © Ariane Kveld Jaks

Now, what I am as an INFJ coach. The one who practices deep listening first. The one who truly sees you, body, mind, and soul. The one who values your complexity, integrity, and sensitivity. The one who can help you assess your unique abilities, how to capitalize on them, and most of all embrace your INFJ self.


Whom Do I Serve?

Although I would consider coaching people who are not INFJs, my focus is on them.

So, if you’re an INFJ who struggles to express his true nature, is looking for a writing coach – especially in art writing – who can help you to tap into your genius zone, who knows how your mind works and how to better align with your life purpose, and who will help you explore your INFJ voice, then you’re at the right place!

Session Structure

I do one-hour sessions over Skype or Zoom. Each session costs 79€.

Typically, I mix listening with dialogue. We explore together whatever issues you may have, the vision you pursue, and the kind of transformation you seek.

Depending on the kind of sessions you purchase (single or bundle), I may include additional tailored audio coaching as well as inspirational resources.

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Tailored Audio Coaching Is Also Available On Demand

Discovery Session

Take advantage of your free ½ hour coaching slot to see if we’re a good fit!

Paid coaching session

Book a one-hour Intuitive Coaching Session!

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