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ho am I, anyway?

I am you. An INFJ. At least, I could be you. We have a lot in common, although we are not aware of that. Because of what you are and what I am. Seclusive. Secretive. Cautious. Highly emotional, yet incredibly rational when we need to. Lost in our own thoughts. Oblivious of the outside world. Rare. I mean, super rare! Making up only 1-3 percent of the population. So, let me tell you about me being you or you being me…

Whatever! Let me tell you about us, the incredible INFJ. By all accounts, I guess I could be labelled as a late bloomer. Everything takes time for me. To understand things. To like things. To love people. To get mad at them. To hate them, even. To be sure of something. To doubt something. To embark on any new adventure. To figure out what on earth we – INFJs of the world – are supposed to do with our special gifts. To make sure my emotions and feelings are my own, not someone else’s. To protect me from energy vampires. To… Well, the list is endless. I suppose – being a late bloomer, a visionary INFJ and an empath as well – I have a lot on my plate already. Ring a bell?


“Life Is Not About Finding Yourself. It’s About Creating Yourself.” |Chase Jarvis

“I see you. Means something totally different when said by an INFJ.”
|Ariane Kveld Jaks

The obvious question now is: what does a late bloomerand an empath INFJ can do? I am you, I said. You know, the self-sabotaging INFJ. Many of us are convinced that we are useless to society. As Raoul Duke once wittily said about INFJs: 

“There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high-powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.” In a nutshell, I am a high-powered mutant, late bloomer INFJ, whose fate is always uncertain. Hence, the perpetual Outsider Syndrome. Can you relate?

Despite all that, do you still dream of having an INFJ fulfilling life? Me too. Yet, I already know that the word fulfilling is deceiving. Why? Because INFJs are not and never will be regular people. Do you remember the day you found out you were an INFJ? I do. It was not so long ago. I came across the MBTI personality test on the Internet, took it and… Bang! Everything fell into place. The weirdness. The ever-doubted sanity. The loneliness. The otherworldly feeling. The “magic” psychic ability. The old soul memory. The never-ending empathy. The craving for authenticity. Should I continue? You are me, remember?!

Who We Are

Sed velit sapien, commodo et dictum porta, varius id nibh. Vivamus sed sapien molestie maximus lorem ut commodo enim.

Fred Morton

When, while the lovely valley teems.
With vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of.

Germaine Jones

When, while the lovely valley teems.
With vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of.

Leonardo Bunk

When, while the lovely valley teems.
With vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of.

So, back to me for a while. Who am I? Besides being an INFJ, I am also an art writer, a storyteller, and a podcaster. I write mostly art fiction, both in English and in French. I use my own Visionary Writing™ Method to capture the subtle atmosphere of a painting. After years of painful and useless struggle trying to be what I was not – an extrovert – I finally decided to embrace my INFJ nature in its fullest.


Best decision ever! It made me capable of using my special skills and gifts, both in my personal life and in my business. Moreover, it made me in a particularly good position to help my fellow visionary INFJs to take the plunge too, late bloomers or not. So liberating, folks!I do hope, you’ll join me on this new amazing adventure.

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“Light is easy to love. Show me your darkness.” |R.Queen

Would you like to know how I got where I am today and how I can help you accomplish your own personal revolution? On my website, I share my thoughts, ideas, questions, roadblocks, epiphanies, and much more. However, a little disclaimer here: this website is not yet another MBTI website.I do not believe that having an in-depth knowledge of personality theory will help you much to accomplish whatever goals you may have for your life. I know, it did not for me. What did, then? The answer is simple: shared stories of people like me, like you. How other INFJs overcome their life challenges? Whose story inspired them most? What kind of personal connections did they crave? What made them tick? How they relate to these stories? What helped them? How did they make their vision a reality?


“Reality is a sliding door.” |Ralph Waldo Emerson

But my most important credential, the only one that should matter to you – dear INFJ – is my personal story. I know you know what I mean. As an INFJ, our life will always be difficult, yet our rewards can be greater than any other personality type can imagine. I have worked in the heritage and museum field for years, both as an art writer and exhibition curator.

Besides honing my skills as a storyteller, my job allowed me to meet remarkable creators, many of which were introverts. Because I was their voice for the duration of an art project, I soon came to realize how misunderstood and frustrated introverts most of the time were.

Why? Because they were trying to be what they are not. Creating and communicating with tools that were not designed for their unique abilities. They felt overwhelmed and burnt out trying to adjust to the extrovert’sway of doing and being. Crazy, right? You bet. Been there, done that too. Got my wings all wrinkled too. And to no avail, of course.


So, I decided no more of that nonsense. As a late bloomer INFJ, it took me time to discover and answer my true calling. My personal – as well as professional purpose now – is to help other INFJs like you to embrace what they are and to make their voice heard by sharing their unique vision with the world. As a member of my INFJ community, not only are you welcome but seen, understood, and supported. A couple of years ago I embarked on my personal hero’s journey. I am still on it. I would be honoured to help you start yours, dear, infinitely precious INFJ.

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